Relying on Heaven to Slaughter Dragons



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reality - richard sanderson 歌词:met you by surprise i didn't realizethat my life would change foreversaw you standing therei didn't know i caredthere was something special in the airdreams are my realizethe only kind of real fantasyillusions are a common thingi try to live in dreamsit seems as it's meant to bedreams are my realitya different kind of realityi dream of loving in the nightand loving seems alrightalthough it's only fantasyif you do exist honey don't resistshow me a new way of lovingtell me that to do show me what to doi feel shomething special about youdreams are my realitythe only kind of realitymay be my foolishness has pastand may be now at lasti'll see how a real thing can bedreams are my realitya wonderous world where i like to bei dream of holing you all night and holing you seem rightperhaps